Aviserv Sleeping Pods

At Aviserv, our priority has always been on easing the stress associated with air travel for passengers across the globe. Our exclusive transit lounge in the arrivals section at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Terminal 2) offers the perfect blend of a warm ambiance, Indian hospitality and the best facilities to help passengers relax.

Our latest addition includes a top of the line International range of single user sleeping pods which have been designed to give each passenger ample space to rest without worrying about privacy. Moreover, these pods are also equipped with a moveable shade which can be pulled down partially or fully to shut out light, sound and outside movement completely. Each pod also has individual charging points which means that all devices can be charged for free, as a passenger catches up on some much-needed rest. Any hand baggage can be stored safely under the seats.

Aviserv’s sleeping pods are available for use by the hour (24 hours a day) which is a much more viable option in comparison with booking a hotel room and paying one full day’s tariff even if the room is required for only a few hours. In transit passengers can now look forward to catching their next flight feeling refreshed and well rested.